3/series. This fast-paced Victoria mystery series stars the gorgeous, seductive India Black, abbess of Lotus house, an upscale brothel in Victoria London. If feisty, tell-it-like-it-is heroines who run whorehouses don't appeal, don't bother reading these, and let me tell you India Black wouldn't give a damn. This time the anarchists fleeing Russia and mainland Europe are settling in London, bringing their penchant for social change via violence to the Empire's corridors of power. To read more: click below...
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli ("Dizzy") sends India to infiltrate a cell known as the Dark Legion. Shortly, on her own, India is part of the wildly assorted gang, which includes a hulking bomb maker, a frenetic Russian refugee, a suave Frenchman, and a few other oddballs. But the mayhem they plan is very real and India's got to finesse the plots without anyone dying in pools of blood. This one isn't quite up to the level of the others in this series; give it a 4. But it's a quick-moving plot with plenty of engaging characters, solid political underpinnings, and even a little bit of romance.
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