THE HEIRESSES, by Sara Shepard

Contemporary glamor fiction with a twist of suspense. The multi-millionaire Saybrook sisters, darlings of the media, are pitted against one another in this best-seller that kicks off with the suicide of the most glamorous, Poppy. This media superstar was also the workaholic president of legendary gem powerhouse Saybrook Diamonds. Who will take her place? Certainly not the party queen, Aster, nor the anti-Saybrook, Natasha, who publicly renounced the family fortune for reasons she hasn't articulated. When Rowan takes the helm, the family fortune – founded by their grandfather with a post-World War II flea market find – has taken a hit.  Click below for more...
Rowan discovers that Poppy had taken gems from the family vault and never returned them. But Rowan's got more problems than vanishing gems: she's become involved with Poppy's husband, the not-quite-believably-grieving James, whom she has silently adored for years.Add to the mix Aster's ugly past, perfectionist Corinne's meddling, their bullying father's interference, and it's hard to keep the player's angsts straight. In fact, I didn't bother. It's a 3, with some mild sex. You may love it, I thought it was too predictable.
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