MAYBE THIS TIME, by Jennifer Crusie

What fun! What a great heroine! What a perfect hero! What a marvelous plot! Boy, does Jennifer Crusie know how to deliver a fabulous read. Andie has been divorced from North Archer - and his never-stop work ethic - for a decade. When she decides to marry Will the writer, she gives North back ten years of alimony checks. Is the old spark still there? Is her brain functioning? Then why does she
agree to nanny North's two orphaned cousins in a mouldering pile of stone (imported from Britain, reputedly with ghosts in place, a tale supported by two hastily departing previous nannies) out in the woods?Why is Alice, the girl orphan, so weird? Why does she talk to an empty rocking chair? Why is Carter, the boy (reported to be a budding pyromaniac), so rigid and unsmiling? Who is the twelve year-old artist drawing? What's up with elderly Mrs. Crumb, the housekeeper who doesn't keep house? And who is the woman in the bustled dress standing near the moat? Yes, moat. And that TV reporter with the weird teeth! Bubbly, quick-moving, filled with ornery and unusual characters dancing through a very tidily-done plot. I can't get enough of Jennifer Crusie. Tune in for more book reviews of this outstanding writer. It's obviously a 5+. And wait until you read the coda, the little tale at the very end. Don't cheat, it's worth waiting for and it will mean nothing without first enjoying the entire story.