SAY YOU'RE SORRY, by Michael Robotham

7/series. A good novelist has no mercy on the characters. Robotham is merciless, plus he's a wizard at creating complex plots and even more complex characters. The Joe O'Loughlin and Vincent Ruiz duo - one a psychiatrist, the other a retired London detective - simply can't be beat in contemporary suspense. This harrowing tale, set in and around the lovely university city of Oxford, is filled to the brim with unrelenting tension, multi-layered and suffering characters. Three years ago, two fifteen year-old schoolgirls vanished, without a trace being found after an exhaustive police search. Click below for more...
Beautiful Tash McBain was a sexual tease: beautiful, risk-taking, uncontrollable. Her sidekick, Piper Hadley, was the quiet one: a runner, a good student, with an independent streak neither of her parents knew how to handle. Professor Joe O'Loughlin arrives in Oxford to deliver an address. His teenaged daughter Charlie is with him. It's possible the author has a teenager in the house; the character is spot-on.On the train before arriving in the city, they see a crime scene at the edge of a lake. Joe, separated from his wife in part because he gets sucked into brutal police investigations, is about to be blind-sided by the city's Police Chief. It's a 5, and will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire book. Robotham's books just keep getting more and more captivating.
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