AN ALLEGED ROGUE, by Sian Ann Bessey


Rumors say Lord Adam Dunsbourne is a degenerate, a gambler who ruined his family, an evil brother who has imprisoned his sister in the crumbling family mansion. Phoebe Hadford hears the whispers when the handsome baron and his sister make a surprise entrance into a dinner party. Adam has, since his father’s death five years earlier, has single-mindedly labored to restore the family’s fortunes plus track down the wily swindler his father naively trusted. Belatedly, he had realized he's neglected his sister.

Newcomer Phoebe might be the ton’s ideal of a lovely young woman, but she has an unfortunate independent streak her mother simply cannot train out of her. She quickly finds that all the gossip isn’t accurate. For his part, Adam is sure the beautiful blonde is a featherheaded female who only cares for fashion. Phoebe and Emily quickly become friends, leading Adam to find out for himself how kind and thoughtful their neighbor is. As their regard for each other deepens, Adam shares the true reason for his situation. Phoebe soon is confronted with an opportunity to help rectify the tragedy, with disastrous results. No spoilers! A delightful read with feisty, clearly-drawn characters and a compelling plot. Sweet, uplifting, positive. I’m reading more of Sian Ann Bessey’s books!