THE SCARLET LION, by Elizabeth Chadwick

2/series on the life of William, Earl of Pembroke and English kingmaker. Medieval fictionalized biography rarely gets better than this. William, one of the most powerful men in medieval England, friend to Richard Lionheart, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and their sons, is ordered by his dying king to see Prince John on the English throne. At that time - 1197 - the English throne was more Norman, with lands on both sides of the Channel. William, Marshall of England, throws his support behind the sly, licentious and unpopular Prince John. Click below for more...
Seen as much through William's wife's eyes,the story brings to life all the tension and tribulations of a principled man surrounded by oceans of conniving, weak-willed, anything-goes lords (and more than a few ladies). Isabelle, an Irish Countess in her own right, is as powerful as her husband, but in a world dominated by men she must work qietly and walk carefully. As Prince John's reign continues and William struggles to keep the throne secure, Isabelle fights her own battles.
A fierce tale of love, honor, family, and power. It's a 5. If you're keen on historical tales, this should be at the top of your list.
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