IF WISHES WERE EARLS, by Elizabeth Boyle

4/series (Rhymes With Love). Miss Harriet "Harry" Hathaway's lineage may stretch to the Domesday Book, but thanks to improvident - and racy - forebears, her money won't stretch to a new gown. The sole female of five children, Harry learned early on to hold her own. But will being able to deliver a good "facer", as a punch to the nose is known in Georgian England, help her catch Lord Roxley, the man she loves? Dear, silly, playboy Roxley, whose lightweight facade hides a serious, even deadly, interior. Suddenly, Roxley is rolled up: financially ruined, as someone buys up all his debts. Roxley senses more at stake than is evident, and fears he is playing for the highest stakes. Which means, somehow, he's got to keep Harry out of all of this. With a mix of eccentric characters, amusing one-liners, plenty of action both expected and unexpected, and some deliciously steamy love scenes, any fan of Georgian romance will gobble this right up. It's a 4. The sex is a 3.