A SEASON FOR THE DEAD, by David Hewson

1/series. Italian police detective Nic Costa  searches in Rome’s oven-like August heat  for a deranged but clever killer as the next victim, beautiful Sarah Farnese, hides out with Costa’s terminally-ill father in their suburban Rome farmhouse. The grisly martyrdom-based murders leave mangled bodies in Rome’s churches as shadowy Vatican figures dodge involvement... is this the source of the atrocities? Why was Sarah Farnese chosen? Who’s the mastermind? Costa and his silent, lumbering sidekick Luca Rossi, and pathologist-without-peer “Crazy Teresa” Lupo, seem to be too late each time. Hewson knows his Rome like you know your own home; it’s like a travelogue, but a very entertaining one. Great weekend read. It’s a 4, and a compelling series. www.davidhewson.com