THE WINTER WITCH, by Paula Brackston

2.series set in Wales, is a mesmerizing tale of Morgana, descendant of witches, a young woman who has not spoken since she was a small child. Now of marriageable age, her mother finds her a husband, an earnest young widower who owns a farm. In his home village, Cai Jenkins is a man of substance and importance. He is the area drover, the man who drives the cattle to market and returns with the village's wealth in his pockets. Cai knows nothing of his pretty young bride other than she is essential to his position. A drover must have a wife, it's tradition and what legitimizes him. One of the many things Cai doesn't reckon with is Morgana's fierce independence. And then there's her uncanny abilities. Click below for more... 
Unspeaking, Morgana must make her own space in the household and in the culture. A series of unnatural events happen once Morgana arrives, and she recognizes there are forces as powerful as those she may command that mean she and those she loves great harm. Compelling and hair-raising, a many-stranded story of love and hate, magic and day-to-day happenings, and a young woman's fight to be herself. It's a 5.
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