SKIES OF ASH, by Rachel Howzell Hall

2/series in the LA-based police procedural starring black homicide detective Elouise Norton. Feisty just begins to describe Norton, whose sidekick is a big white guy with a Tic-Tac problem. A woman and her two children die in a home fire. The husband survives, but barely, as he tries to go inside the inferno to rescue his family. Click below for more...
Norton, by nature and training suspicious of even the most innocent-appearing person, literally sifts through the wreckage of the house with little success. She unearths enough clues to realize the idyllic marriage presented was false. What else is? Her own life, for starters, and the chronically philandering husband she adores and mistrusts. For those of us raised on the frenetic novels of nuts-and-bolts of private eye sleuthing, the daily grind and piece-by-piece process of a detective responsible for more than the results is daunting. Somehow, Hall manages to make the entire process exciting and entertaining. It's a very readable 4.
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