VOODOO RIVER, by Robert Crais

5/series starring Elvis Cole .and unstoppable Joe Pike, world's greatest sidekick. Louisiana calls in this tale, sending Elvis to the bayous outside Baton Rouge where he nvestigates the past of a newly-discovered movie star. It quickly becomes apparent to the World's Greatest Detective that the information he received from the actress's delightfully crass agent is off-kilter. Then a new plot appears. But what's really important is the lawyer in Baton Rouge. Click below for more...
.Lucy Chenier, high-power attorney, is not only beautiful but intelligent, a woman right down Elvis's alley. A single mom, she's devoted to her son. As Elvis continues to unravel the brutal conflicts that arise from his modest investigation, he uncovers unsettling evidence of far greater crimes. The body count rises, with a particularly grisly end to one malefactor. While the books can be read independently, treat yourself to the series in order. It's another 5.
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