SNAKE SKIN, by C. J. Lyons

1/FBI thriller starring Lucy Guardino. The old adage that a woman has to work harder, smarter and faster than a man to get even partway to where he is applies in spades to FBI Supervisory Special Agent Lucy Guardino. Known as a go-it-alone agent who doesn't like to wait for approval or assistance, kick-ass Lucy is the epitome of a driven, tightly-focused agent. Her job comes first, before spouse and daughter. Even when there's a pool of snakes in the mix. Click below for more...
Opening with the abduction of teen runaway Ashley, the plot quickly escalates to a breakneck speed that should leave most readers exhausted but happy as they read the last page. Are there really female FBI Agents that are so predictably unpredictable and willing to throw themselves into action? Does high-octane action actually occur this often? Can Lucy actually survive the intensity of her life? It's a 4.
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