STATION ELEVEN, by Emily St. John Mandel

Post-apocalyptic doesn't get deeper or more complex or better written than this award-winning tour de force. On a theater stage in Toronto, King Lear - famous actor Arthur Leander - dies of a heart attack.The death is witnessed by a child actress, Kirsten Raymonde, who watches as an audience member tries CPR on the dead man. With what seems like a catastrophic event, an even more complete one is flying toward North America from Moscow. Click below for more...
Within a week, a deadly flu pandemic sweeps the world. When it's over, civilization has been erased. and pockets of survivors try to keep going. By Year Fifteen, a thirty-person traveling orchestra/theater troupe is trundling by horse and wagon around Lake Michigan, perpetually on the lookout for brigands and thieves. They encounter an unexpected brigand at a lakeside town. Skilfully-plotted and entwined, this dark and desolate, unsparing but hopeful, tale will suck you in. It's a 5...really, it's a 10.
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