THE MANGO OPERA, by Tom Corcoran

1/series. Set in the crazy world of Key West, where
aberrant behavior is considered perfectly normal (and, generally speaking, vice versa), this compelling first novel follows long-time Conch and pro photographer Alex Rutledge as he tries to sort out his love life, both present and past. A bizarre murder of an old girlfriend is linked to another death. Click below for more...
Soon, Rutledge is convinced he's the link to the murders. His friendships in the Key West and Monroe Country police force - such as Chicken Neck Liska - add another dimension to Rutledge's sleuthing.
This is a rock-solid 4.5, with enough action, flavor, mystery, and tension to keep any Florida-based-mystery junkie delirious with joy. And Rutledge is a fabulous, interesting character to make me want more.
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