LIGHT IN SHADOW, by Jayne Ann Krentz

1/Whispering Springs series. Walls scream at interior designer Zoe Luce, and not just because they're the wrong color. She has the unpleasant ability to discern high emotions and violence long after it's happened. When she enters a handsome, wealthy new client's bedroom, she finds screaming walls and a shrieking floor. And no bed. The client's ex-wife took it away, it was her  favorite. Not buying the excuse, Zoe searches out a local PI, Truax Investigations. With a new owner, nephew of the original PI. Ethan Truax left a shambles of a life in LA and came to Whispering Springs. He's big, sharp-eyed, laconic, fond of swift, direct action. Click below for more...
But Zoe has several secrets, one life-threatening, and the other just plain weird, and she doesn't want Ethan to find out about either of them. In short order, Zoe's trapped with a killer, Ethan's been called in on another investigation, and old adversaries are pouring out of the woods. Fast-moving, with appealing characters and plenty of side action, this is Krentz at her slickest. It's a 4, with explicit but not too-often vanilla sex.
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