FOR THE DEAD, by Tim Hallinan

6/series starring Poke Rafferty. And his growing family. Hallinan skilfully weaves the utter chaos that is Bangkok with the near-chaos that attends living in the same household with a teenager. Poke and Rose's daughter Mia and her friend Andrew - sole heir to a proud Vietnamese dynasty - buy a phone to replace one Andrew left at the school bus stop. From this seemingly innocent purchase, admittedly of a probably-stolen phone, the two teens are targeted by a gang of thugs. Click below for more...
Mia, who once survived on wit and courage on Bangkok's treacherous streets, saves her gently-raised friend. Poke, knowing the thugs will try again, and knowing that high-echelon cops are probably involved, must find the mastermind behind both today's problem and an old scandal. While a wordier-than-usual denouement slows things down, it's almost a relief, as this is one wild ride. It's a 4.

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