WATCHERS OF TIME, by Charles Todd

5/series. Sent to Norfolk by his antagonistic superior to pacify a powerful church prelate, Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge finds solace in the marshes at the edge of the sea, in spite of the constant, nagging presence of his personal demon Hamish. A country priest has been murdered, beaten to death by his own altar cross. The prelate suspects something other than a burglar, panicked by surprise, but the local police are sure it's merely that. Click below for more...
When a traveling strong man who had been at the priest's autumn fair is arrested, Rutledge thinks it's too convenient, and must delve into the past to find the truth. The timing and pacing in this marvelous series are superb, Rutledge - with his tortured war experiences dominating his present life - is a compelling hero. And the villain in this case is exceptionally chilling. It's a 5, in a series you could spend an entire season enjoying.
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