KATE'S PROGRESS, by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Contemporary suspense with a fair amount of romance in it doesn't get a lot more beguiling than this one. Kate, tired of London and her high-pressure life and dearth of suitable men, gets an early inheritance and sinks it in a wrecked cottage deep in the English countryside. After fixing the place herself, she'll sell it for a profit. Her first visitor is a handsome, abrasive man on horseback who is sure she's squatting on the property. Kate's quickly swept into the local village life and particularly the family living in The Hall, where the Blackmore brothers and their spendthrift stepmother live a very uncongenial existence. Kate, inherently kind and optimistic, is instantly at odds with the handsome, broody, workaholic older brother Ed, and is romanced by the younger, flirty, work-averse Jack. But something's rotten at The Hall and when Ed's over-confident old flame sweeps in things get very nerve-wracking. A fun read for a weekend, it's a 4.
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