WINGS OF FIRE, by Charles Todd

2/series. 1919, post-war England. Inspector Ian Rutledge of Scotland Yard, as eager to be gone from the building as his supervisor is to send him, goes to Cornwall to investigate the death of three members of a well-known family. As always, he encounters the local police in a surly mood. The small town where the family dominates is also unwelcoming. But Rutledge, a veteran of the endless brutality of the Somme, carries an even greater burden: Hamish, a sergeant he unwillingly killed, and who now travels as with him as his personal demon. The circumstance of the double suicide puzzles Rutledge, particularly when he learns the female victim is one of the poets who helped him live through the war. The surviving family, one of whom had petitioned Scotland Yard for review, intrigues the inspector, and he begins digging into the complicated family history. As the clues mount up, Rutledge is faced with an improbable choice that, if true, will endanger even more people. It's a 5, the relationship between Rutledge and his demon both chilling and fascinating.
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