LITTLE ELVISES, by Timothy Hallinan

2/series starring Junior Bender, burglar to the stars. Funny, complex, tough, tender, wild, no-holds-barred action, weird characters...Hallinan is the best. Set in LA, Junior(his real name) not only burgles but solves problems that fellow edge-of-the-law characters need solving. Stuff one can't go to the cops for, because the cops are looking for them. But in this case, a cop is actually the instigator: Paulie Degaudio, who will pin a murder on Junior if he doesn't help out a distant cousin. Click below for more...
At one time, the cousin, Vinnie, was famous for nurturing the meteoric (means "as fast down as up") careers of Elvis wannabes. All from the Phillie area, these beautiful boys - a few of them - could even sing, although that wasn't their prime appeal. But how does that long-ago, gone-and-forgotten fad translate into present-day peril? Junior's got to connect the dots, and as he does he runs into LA's most powerful fixer, the lovely widow of a murdered journalist (strangely unaffected by her beloved's demise), and a host of other oddballs including a hit man who likes to carve himself up. It's a 5. This guy is sooo good, read this series and then fall in love with Poke Rafferty, his other series.
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