WATCHING YOU, by Michael Robotham

9?/series, starring Professor Joe O'Loughlin and retired London Detective  Inspector Vincent Ruiz. Two less likely friends you will never dream up, but the O'Loughlin/Ruiz team will keep you on the edge of your seat almost until the last word. Do not start this gripping, multi-layered tale on a Sunday night! Marnie Logan's husband Daniel vanished a year ago. She's beyond broke, feinting and avoiding eviction, starvation . . . and her missing husband's debt-collector, a nasty piece of work that Ruiz has a history with. But strange things happen to those who cross Marnie: death. Rough, merciless, grisly death. Click below for more...
Daniel had created The Big Red Book, a loving tribute to his wife, planned to be revealed on her birthday. But Daniel isn't around on that date. When Marnie, and Joe, begin to track via the Red Book into Marnie's past, they discover that many people fear her because of what she has done to them in the past. Ruiz, for one, is convinced the pretty young would-be widow is guilty of the various pay-backs. Joe's not sure.Then Marnie's young son, who habitually plays with his imaginary friend in her wardrobe, vanishes. Oh, what to tell you next? Nothing! This carefully-constructed thriller will keep you breathless as the plot unfolds like a deadly flower. Best you read all of the, in order, as they build on one another. Of course, if one's all you have time for, this ought to be the psychological thriller you select. It's a 5, and then some.
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