SCANDALOUS, by Jenna Petersen

Regency romance junkies will find this hot, nicely-plotted novel very satisfying. As Katherine Fleming and her betrothed Colden Mallory celebrate their forthcoming nuptuals, Cole's long-estranged brother shows up. Dominic Mallory has a past, and secrets, but Katherine finds the handsome black sheep compelling in a way her low-key fiance is not. Before the evening ends, Katherine discovers her presumed "safe" husband-to-be already has a wife, presumed dead but soon to reappear. And Dominic Mallory, never intending to open himself up to care for a woman, finds himself with a bride he finds nearly irresistible. Both, to avoid a devastating scandal that will damage the Mallory clan and ruin Katherine's chances for an acceptable marriage, reluctantly agree to the match. The deep-seated reservations each has about the other produces a compelling and fascinating tale, complicated by the devil's bargain Dominic has made. A 4. Petersen is adept at smokin hot seduction scenes; sex is a 3.
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