THE LONG WAY HOME, by Louise Penny

11/series, starring Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, now happily retired to the village of Three Pines, scene of many of his griefs and his triumphs. Clara Morrow, after a long work-up of courage, confesses to Gamache that her estranged husband, Peter, has failed to keep a reunion. They'd been separated for a year, and Peter had agreed to return on that day to see what would come next. Clara is sure something has happened to her husband. What follows is as much Penny's fascinating enquiry into the nature of creativity and artistry as a mystery involving a missing painter. Click below for more...
What starts out as a tracking operation soon evolves into following the erratic trail of a man fleeing from something. Paris, Florence, Venice, then Scotland - a weird, otherworldly garden - and finally back to Canada. Gamache, always attuned to the disturbing vibes, fears more than merely flight. As Clara and her friend Myrna, and Gamache along with his son-in-law and former subordinate Jean-Guy Beauvoir, begin a trip down the mighty St. Lawrence River to a remote and mysterious town, the data they find is increasingly disturbing. As always, Penny has crafted a compelling tale full - too full? - of subtleties, exquisitely-shrouded red herrings, and heart-stopping moments. Once I got over my annoyance at the multitude of two-word sentences and the resultant choppy - and at times almost immature - feel of the read, the story was gripping, the ending cataclysmic. It's a 4.
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