BONES OF CORAL, by James W. Hall

Mayhem, mutilation and madness, as the back blurb says. A Florida-based murder mystery that brings an unusually weird group of people into play, this non-stop Key West-centered marathon will keep you in its grip right through to the horrific finale. Shaw Chandler, Miami paramedic answers a call to a suicide and recognizes the victim. And knows it wasn't suicide. When the victim's wife dies that night and the house burns, he must return home to the Conch Republic to find out why. Click below for more...
A wounded pelican takes Shaw to a bird sanctuary, run by his old girlfriend's father. Here, he meets Dougie, a very weird boy, who takes him to an old seaside quarry where a woman swims with a dolphin. Shaw recognizes his high school love, Trula, who until recently had been a TV star. What's going on? Why did Trula "die" on the TV show? What does the nearby Mount Trashmore, Key West's massive garbage dump, have to do with the area's high incidence of cancer? How was his estranged father involved? And who is the mastermind endangering the lives of Key West's citizens? All will be answered in this high-octane thriller. Plan to stay up late finishing it. It's a 4.
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