THE SPLENDOUR FALLS, by Susanna Kearsley

Once again, this marvelous author whisks us between eras, beginning with the French-English struggle to control western France. Set entirely in Chinon but in multiple eras, the search for the treasure of Queen Isabelle, the young and tragic queen to Plantagenet King John mesmerizes many. But not Emily Braden, who has arranged to meet her cousin Harry at the hotel in the old city. When Harry - not surprisingly - fails to show, Emily goes on with her impromptu vacation. The hotel's guests include two delightful American brothers, a handsome, temporarily disabled English violinist, and an American couple, one of whom is intrusive and insensitive, the other quiet and discrete. In the bar, a tale is told of World War II, another tragic love story. Everything seems to twine around the massive castle of Chinon soaring atop the cliffs above them, and the now-closed tunnels below. This adventure-mystery-romance is light on the romance, heavy on the mystery. Encompassing medieval rivalry, the struggle for France during World War II, and the search for the deadly treasure, you'll be satisfied on all fronts. This stand-alone book is a 4, a delightful weekend read for the well-written-book lover.
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