LADY ROGUE, by Susan Enoch

This sparkling Regency romance will captivate all but the most jaded of romance readers with its feisty and unusual heroine, its gorgeous but tortured alpha hero, and a whole raft of strong characters both noble and ignoble. Kit Brantley, who has worn a disguise of boy's clothes for a decade, arrives with her father on the doorstep of rakehell Lord Everton, only to discover he's the wrong Earl. His father's dead; the ancient obligation Kit's manipulative father had counted on may be void. Click below for more no-spoiler review. . .
But the jaded Everton agrees to take in the pretty boy, ostensibly to save him from conscription into Napoleon's latest army. Kit's mission, however, is to find the British spy who thwarts her father's smuggling operation. She may be a lady in disguise, but she's no lady: she drinks, she swears, she gambles. And she may be stealing Everton's heart. Fun, fast-moving, the fearless heroine leads Everton on a not-so-merry chase, despite their growing attraction. This is a fun-filled 5, and will make you a fan of Suzanne Enoch.
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