500! COUNT 'EM. . .500 REVIEWS!

And more, many more, coming.
I started this blog in 2012 (more or less) for my own amusement, simply to keep better track of what I'd read and enjoyed. If a friend asks for a good book, I know just where to find the reference. You, too, have friends you recommend books to, and this blog was a simple means for me to keep track of stuff I've loved. Hopefully, it can serve the same purpose for you. I don't "read to order" so what you see is what I've gotten at the library or a bookstore. By the way, patronize your local bookstore if you can; they are the source for all sorts of wonderful, irreplaceable books and information.
Nothing below a 3 star is reviewed in this blog, and few of those. I know how hard it is to write, and I'm in awe of anyone who actually gets a book published. But I'm not the Popessa of Book Reviewers, infallible and all mighty. If I think a book sucks, you might not. So a book I can't finish never shows up here. Don't want to poison the well; anything less than a three rating will not appear on this blog.
Have you read any of these authors? Alex Berenson; Amy Bloom; Robert Olen Butler; Ivan Doig; Jason Goodwin; Barbara Hambly; Robert Hellenga; Susanna Kearsley; Roland Merullo; Michael Robotham; Daniel Silva. That's just for starters. What do they write? A wide range of genres, from historical adventure to contemporary romance. All are reviewed in this blog, all are exceptional writers that I've enjoyed in 2014. You can search by genre, author, setting, time period, heat level of sex (many book have no sex rating because they don't have enough sex in them).
Give the authors above a try. Recommend them, and this blog, to your friends. Thanks!
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