NO ONE LEFT TO TELL, by Karen Rose

If you like them fast and furious, Karen Rose could be the author for you. In this dense, intense contemporary romance, Baltimore apprentice PI Paige Holden witnesses the assassination of a woman who had come to her for help in getting her unjustly-convicted husband out of prison. Her dying words implicate the police. Where can Paige turn to for help? Who can she trust? Grayson Smith, assistant state's attorney, sees the subsequent film a very odd onlooker took of the incident. With the memory of the Beltway Sniper fresh in everyone's memories, the powers-that-be are determined not to make an epic of this death. But are there ulterior motives at work?
Who in the police is sabotaging the case, and why? What is the connection between the jailed man and the wealthy family who paid for his defense? The questions mount along with the body count, both past and present. Smith, with a bizarre past he's determined at all costs to hide, at once finds a soul mate in Paige. But what has happened with all this other romances is destined to happen to this one, unless one of them can come up with a game changer. The game changers come fast in this taut plot, and at times you may wonder how much higher the body count can get. Well, I'm not telling. This is a 4.5, as good as it gets.
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