A delightful Napoleonic-era tale of the intrepid Hathor "Hattie" Blackhouse, self-admitted to have a very short temper, neglected daughter of Egyptologists who have gone missing from their Valley of the Kings dig under mysterious circumstances. What is even more mysterious are the various men lurking around the edges of Hattie's life as she leaves the dull Cornish countryside for Paris. There, Hattie and her companion, the unflappable, cool-as-ice Bing, discover that Hattie's childhood friend who is now a diplomat (but doing what, exactly?), is engaged to a much older woman. Shortly after that, find themselves in a situation which requires them to exit the Prussian ambassador's party via a grapevine on the side of the house. Click below for more no-spoiler review...
And it's going to get a good deal worse. This is a deliciously fast-paced book, packed with humor and wry asides, the prose cut to the minimum but with nothing left out. The romance happens fast and furious, and if I tell you any more you won't need to read this marvelous book. It's my first by this author but it will not be my last. I've picked up several, and I'm going to enjoy every one. This is a solid 4; you will love it.
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