ANYONE BUT YOU, by Jennifer Crusie

Newly-divorced Nina Askew, reveling in her newly unstuffy life, decides to get the one thing her ex would never allow: a dog. Off to the pound she goes, where the gamboling puppies are overshadowed by a morose, saggy, middle-aged Bassett mix whose main charm is the Big Sigh. With typical Crusie wackiness and flair, Nina soon decides Fred's nightly walks will start with a trip down the fire escape from her third floor apartment. Read more...
Soon Fred decides to stop in and meet the downstairs neighbor, handsome young ER doctor Alex Moore, himself suffering from - as his overachieving medical family thinks - a lack of ambition. For Alex, it's instant attraction, but Nina isn't in to cradle robbing. Okay, that's all I'm telling you. If you've read Crusie you know you're in for a hilarious, sexy treat. If you haven't read best-seller Crusie, you are in for a hilarious, sexy treat, with candid and witty dialogue, some nicely steamy sex scenes (at times 3 on the 1 - 5 scale), and a totally satisfying ending. This is a 4.5.