THE DOCTOR DIGS A GRAVE, by Robin Hathaway

1/series. Dr. Andrew Fenimore, cardiologist and sleuth, a traditional doctor with an individual practice and a keen dislike for "modern" American medicine. He discovers a boy trying to bury something and rescues him from a security guard. It's a cat in that young kid's sack, and Fenimore knows just where to inter the poor beast. BUT...
when they find a freshly-buried corpse in the cat's proposed resting place, Fenimore calls his police detective buddy Dan Rafferty. Why was the corpse buried sitting up? It proves to be the missing fiancee of  a well-to-do young man, whose father is a prominent surgeon. What is more surprising is the young woman is also a Lenni-Lenape (or Delaware) Indian. And what shouldn't be surprising is the reaction the snobbish family has had to the engagement. But is it enough to have caused her death? You'll follow Fenimore's footsteps as he unravels the tale, with surprising and nearly-fatal results. It's a 4.