CROSSROADS COOKING, by Elizabeth Rozin

For those of us who love to cook, I can recommend a select few authors, among them long-time ethnic food guru Elizabeth Rozin.  This book is subtitled The Meeting and Mating of Ethnic Cuisines - from Burma to Texas. She offers an eclectic mix of international cuisines, 200 recipes in all. Click for more delicious details...
I subscribe to the notion that a cookbook that has five or more recipes I love and will use repeatedly as a very good source. This one is tops: I found scores of do-able recipes that wouldn't tax my little pea brain, and can be made with relative ease and enjoyment. Broken into geographical areas, highlighted with historic and ethnographic details, you'll come away with not only a lesson in a multitude of native cuisines but a lot of the history behind how they came to be. Additionally, comments at each recipe help you understand what and why this recipe exists. This is, for a cook just entering the world-wide ethnic cuisine area, a perfect introduction. A 5. Other books by this author are equally marvelous.