THE GRAVE GOURMET, by Alexander Campion

1/series. Foodies, it's time to celebrate! We have a great new series of cuisine-related mysteries set in the world's most foodie place: Paris. France, of course. Campion, who was sent on a six month assignment to Paris and never came home, has the insider's sure command of places, customs, food, and everything that makes Paris such a magnet. Starring food critique Alexandre LeTellier and his adorable policewoman wife, Capucine, must investigate the death of an auto manufacturer. How did the corpse wind up in the cooler of one of Paris' most elegant restaurants? What killed the man? Are there undercurrents of national security? How to defeat the inevitable friction between various departments of law enforcement? And how will Capucine, newly-transfered to a criminal squad, earn the respect of her subordinates? A charming start to a fun series. It's a 4.