THE BARBED CROWN, by William Dietrich

6/series. The intrepid, forever-in-trouble-up-to-his-ears Ethan Gage, frontier marksman and sometimes confidante of Napoleon Bonaparte, is once again at the helm of a ship heading for a reef. Literally. This time he's sneaking back into France, intent upon avenging his beloved family's death: both the deliciously ornery Astiza and their son Horus (Harry) have died and Gage wants revenge. The gorgeous French aristo at his side wants something, too, but increasingly Gage isn't sure their aims are similar.
The mission: to disrupt Napoleon's crowning as Emperor of France. Of course, the mission itself is the first thing to be disrupted, in typical Gage style, as is his mourning. Should I tell you more? No, if you've read the series this far you need only get the book and dive in. Which is jsut what Gage does to get ashore. It's a 4.5.