LAST TO DIE, by James Grippando

The last thing Miami attorney Jack Swyteck wants is to take on the sullen Tatum Knight - enforcer, tough guy - as a client, but he owes Tatum's brother, who's Jack's best friend. At first glance, Tatum may not be in serious trouble: he stands to inherit a large amount of money. Sally Fenning, wealthy widow, murdered as she sits in her car at a stoplight, leaves her considerable fortune to six people whose positive connections to her are, at first glance, obscure.
Fenning once consulted Tatum, a thug for hire (although he claims he's given up murder for pay), about killing her. But what about the other legatees: Sally's first husband, Miguel Ortiz Rios? Or Gerry "Gerry the Genius" Colletti, big-mouthed divorce attorney? Mason Rudsky, Assistant District Attorney, or journalist Dierdre Meadows? And the mysterious Alan Sirap, whom nobody can find? One, but only one, of these six will inherit $46 million: last person alive gets it all. Why did Sally Fenning do this? What did she want? Did she envision the maneuvering, the threats...and then the deaths? Trying to keep a lid on his increasingly volatile client is tough enough, but then Swyteck realizes he's got earlier crimes to solve. Taut and full of surprises. A 4.