SHARK RIVER, by Randy Wayne White

8?/series. Doc Ford enthusiasts are legion, and this book illustrates why: he's a water-borne version of Spenser P.I. (Sorry, Randy, if this description isn't to your liking). With an ocean-deep knowledge of southwest Florida’s waters, New York Times best-selling author White has created a mesmerizing world both above and under the surface. Ford, a man with a mysteriously undocumented past, is suckered into becoming the target for a narcomob after he rescues the errant daughter of a highly-placed government official. With his out-there friend Tomlinson providing testosterone-driven angst (the Viagra scene is a literal howl), Ford counterplots with skill and the occasional musing on life and how to live it, and stay alive. This one will keep you on the edge of your seat, and make you go for more. A 4.