ROYAL FLUSH, by Rhys Bowen

7?/series. Lady Georgiana Rannoch, dead-broke scion of Britain’s royal house, is forced to retire to her family’s Highlands estate…it’s either that or starve. En route, a security chappie asks her to protect the royal family, only a rifle shot away in Balmoral. For a change, her loathed sister-in-law Fig greets her warmly. Why? Because a clutch of horrible Americans, including the Prince of Wales’ rather tacky inamorata Mrs. Simpson, have descended upon her.  Throw in a famous aviatrix, the handsome but forever-disappearing Darcy O’Mara, a murder or two, a kidnapping, and you’ve got a good solid 4. This series is great, two or three of them would be perfect for a long, total-immersion weekend.