THE DILEMMA, by B. A. Paris

A complex, many-layered story that starts as a not-so-simple family celebration and ends up reading like a combination thriller, whodunnit. For her 40th birthday, Livia has long promised herself a real party with no frill ignored. Adam, her husband, is all in, in part to make up for the wedding they never had and his early years of neglect. The only person who will not attend is their daughter Marnie, who is abroad studying. What Livia doesn't know is Marnie is en route as a surprise which Adam arranged.
As layers unfold, told alternately by Adam and Livia, it becomes apparent that the event might not take place in the bubbly spirit of a celebration. Adam decides he cannot spoil her day and weaves a wobbly web of deceit.
The reader will ricochet from one emotion to another as the story skillfully unfolds and one secret after another is revealed, each in its gripping and at times horrifying detail. There are too many tense moments to enumerate; jsut when you think things can't get more tense, they ratchet up. This is storytelling at its best and is a solid, deeply-emotional five.
Thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for sending me a pre-release copy for review.