Second in the Elizabeth "Bess" Crawford series set in 1917 during the carnage of World War One's trench warfare. A frontline nurse, Bess escorts a group of recuperating soldiers from France home to England, among them Meriwether Evanson, a badly burned pilot. He keeps a photo of his wife pinned to his uniform, to remind himself of why he wants to live. After delivering her charges to a hospital, Bess heads for the Loondon apartment she shares with four other nurses. En route, at Waterloo rail station, she witnesses a painfully emotional scene between a departing officer and a distraught woman: Margaret Evanson. Clearly, the officer has no feeling for the woman; he boards his train without a backward glance. The woman rushes outside into the street and is lost in a sea of umbrellas.
Bess, young and vigorous with a highly-honed sense of duty, is soon swept into a morass of deciet, murder, and suicide. When she believes Scotland Yard is on the wrong track, she devotes all her time while on leave in England to unravelling the complex trail of the victim. But a canny murderer is watching and Bess unknowingly puts herself in more peril than she faces on the frontlines of war.

A five, with heart-wrenching and horrific descriptions of the true cost of war.
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