Another delightful story from a prize-winning author, this time a Victorian-era charmer about a young wannabe chef who impersonates a dead girl to get a job. When Bella Waverly witnesses a young woman her own age die in an omnibus accident, she intends to notify a prospective employer of the tragedy. But the interview was to cook for Queen Victoria's court. The irresistible chance to change her life beguiles Bella into changing who she is.
And it works. Shortly, Bella is cooking in the royal kitchens, albeit as a lesser underling. When a quirk of fate takes her the the Queen's chambers with a tasty treat, she and the young queen form enough bond that Bella goes on holiday as part of the entourage. Destination: Nice, where a new hotel has been built just for the  queen.
No spoilers! What yu might think will happen doesn't.  Not exactly. First, there's Rupert the blackmailer. And intense rivalry with the French chefs. The predictable stresses of cooking in a strange kitchen. And a murder.
A fun read with a feisty, winning heroine in a glamorous location. It's a four.