Third in the acclaimed Scotland Yard Murder Squad series set in Jack the Ripper's London. If you like brooding atmosphere and psychological terror combined with the graphically gory, this is your series.
London policeman Walter Day is confronted by a sly, cunning murderer...or is it more than one? Could it be a copycat of Jack the Ripper, still at large?
A carefully arranged prison break frees four notorious killers. In theory, the four were supposed to be delivered into the hands of a vigilante group. In practice, the wily criminals are at large. Along with a fifth that nobody ever dreamed would again be on the loose.
Walter Day and colleague Nevil Hammersmith pursue clues and find gory bits of victims as the killers lead them on a chase through London streets and sewers. Hammersmith seems impervious to danger...with the resulting injuries.
While the police sleuth, a far-seeing doctor establishes a morgue to analyze murder victims, and (with typical Victorian disregard) has his teenaged daughter sketch the results. Meanwhule, Day's family is at risk, and while he's away the threat literally comes homes.
Complex, chilling, the perfect read for lovers of detailed and graphic mystery. It's another 5. Read the series in order if you can.
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