ARTIFACT, by Gigi Pandian

#1 in the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt contemporary mystery series, for which the author won an award from Malice Domestic.
Historian and professor Jaya Jones receives a package from an old boyfriend and discovers a lovely piece of what she first thinks is costume jewelry: a heavy gold ankle bracelet with a large red stone in it. She quickly learns that the boyfriend, Rupert, has died in a car crash in Scotland. And that the anklet isn't costume jewelry, it's real and part of a lost cache of Mughal-era jewelry lost for centuries. It may in fact have once belonged to Nur Mahal, wife of the famous Jahangir who built the Taj Mahal.
When Jaya's Merkely apartment is burgled, she decides answers to the threat are in Scotland. Accompanied by Lane **, atractive and blond and mysterious, she goes to London. She is followed from the British Library, where they research history of the Raj. In Scotland, the plot thickens as bogus summons to London and Lane's arrest on faked theft charges that put them out of action. But only until Jaya figures out the solution.
Filled with the lore of the Highlands and the history of the British Empire, Jaya and Lane are a great team with just enough romance to muddy the waters.
This prize-winning book and its subsequent series are a fascinating meld of history, mystery, danger, action, and just enough romance. It's a 5.