LADY OF VALOR, by Tina St. John

All too often, historical romances are too predictable, with the hero having a neat laundry list of flaws that make him the exact opposite of the feisty heroine and her own flaws. That is not the case here. St. John has created two interesting and totally invested characters whose ultimate goal is really at odds.
Lady Emmaline of Fallonmour, secretly aghast at how delighted she is to hear of her husband's demise whole on Crusade in the Holy Land, is horrified to learn that the brutal Sir Cabal will manage the property for the crown. Emma has managed the estate for the three years her husband has been raping and pillaging (mostly the former) in the Middle East. She has built up the estate into a flourishing asset. Sir Cabal appreciates the effort but wants her out of his thick, dark hair at once.
Emma's brother-in-law, the sleazy and contemptuous Hugh, is out for her hand. One way or another - he's no more particular about details than his brother was - he'll have her More importantly, he'll have the flourishing and profitable estate.. Once it's in his hands, the Crown - in the person of his friend Prince John - will approve.
But Emmalyn comes to know the dark and brooding Sir Cabal and wonders if she can work with him to secure the future of her beloved Fallonmour. She's right, and she's wrong. And that's where the fun begins...
Part of a series, this book will stand alone as well. Chock full of steamy sex scenes and moments of bloody derring-do, the book should appeal to anyone who enjoy a high-passion historical tale. It's a 4+ (one fatal flaw which some readers may pick up on keeps me from a solid 5). Heat level 4.