DRINKING GOURD, by Barbara Hambly

7/series, starring Free Man of Color, Benjamin January. Eagerly awaiting the birth of his child, January is called away to Vicksburg on an urgent errand. A man deeply involved in the Underground Railway has been wounded and January, a physician and surgeon, must patch him up so he appears normal. Vicksburg is solidly in  slave-holding America, and anyone of color is fair game for poachers and slave-stealers. For a man his size, the perfect field hand, there is no law and no protection save his friend and companion Hannibal Sefton. Click below for more...
When another member of the Railroad is arrested and awaits trial, January follows the trail of the real killer and discovers a chilling secret he cannot share until he unearths undisputable truth. Complex, scarily real, filled with characters you'd like to know - and some you'd want to take a horsewhip to. It's a 4.
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