BROKEN MUSIC, by Marjorie Eccles

A post-Great War tale of love, both good and bad, deception, and lives broken by "The War to End All Wars". Herbert Reardon has returned to the village of Broughton Underhill, determined to solve the death of a young woman that happened just before he went into the British Army. Horribly scarred from a fire, Reardon has vowed to determine if the death was accidental or not. The village's "big house" family at Oaklands Park, beset with problems of their own, doesn't want the case reopened. Click below for more...
Reardon soon discovers there are plenty of secrets still being held close. But do they have to do with the first death? Then a maid at the big house is murdered, and Reardon is convinced the two deaths are connected. Compelling, convoluted, with a cataclysmic (had to keep the c's going) ending, it's a keenly-detailed observation of the devastation that the war brought to Britain..
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