THE MISTRESSES OF CLIVEDEN, by Natalie Livingstone

Three centuries separated the founding of Cliveden by the scandalously high-living Charles Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and the Profumo Affair, the less-sordid-than-portrayed sex scandal that brought down a government. But those eras were filled with excitement, intrigue and power struggles.Set on a bluff overlooking the Thames, and a mere five miles from Windsor Castle, the imposing Italianate building has always been part of the power structure of England. Click below for more...
The founding Duke was a childhood friend of Charles II until Buckingham's habits became too much for the King. Subsequent owners, all nobility and thus (always for the men, often for the women) all part of the power structure that ruled Britain. This fascinating account, by the present owner of the estate (now a hotel ) will keep you entertained and informed. It's a 4. A great read for the historically- or scandal-minded.
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