THE MEMORY KEY, by Conor Fitzgerald

4/series starring irascible Commissario Alex Blume. Winter in Rome is no joke, and Alex Blume is called out on a freezing night to the murder of a pleasant young women, shot in the head in what appears to be an assassin-style killing. Previously, another woman had been shot, this one an ageing terrorist who, many years before, had arranged a train station bombing that killed 80 people. The terrorist, miraculaously, survives, but the bullet took out her memory, both past and present. Is the young woman's death connected with the murder attempt? They must be: it's the same type of bullet. Click below for more...
Other links between the two women prove non-existent. Blume and his sidekick Caterina Mattioli pursue all leads, but nothing turns up. Except that his mostly live-in girlfriend, pregnant although from Blume's behavior you'd never know it, is making decisions that will do more than just put Blume out in the bitter winter cold. The cast of characters in this novel is equally as compelling - and weird - as earlier books, and include a Fascist-leaning professor who has published a turgid treatise on memory which Blume delves into, and an animal behavorist with odd habits. All in all, a series you'll want to follow. It's a 5.
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