THE FORGOTTEN MAN, by Robert Crais

12/series starring World's Greatest Detective Elvis Col. A man is murdered in an LA alley. His last words: Elvis Cole is my son. But Elvis, who has never met his father, doesn't think so. Unravelling the mystery of who the man is and why he sought Elvis takes both the World's Greatest Detective and his impenetrable sidekick Joe Pike into unknown territory, and a terrible crime that dated back two decades. Click below for more...
Followers of this series will delight in Crais's usual mastery of twists and turns, but may be surprised at how deeply Cole's history is delved into. Pike, as always, ghosts along, appearing when needed. As does a lovesick bomb squad officer who has already died once. Marvelous read. It's a 5, as the entire series is. If Crais is new to you, what a great binge you'll have!
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