THE DOGS OF ROME, by Conor Fitzgerald

1/series starring American-born Italian cop Alec Blume. An animal rights activist is bizarely murdered in his home. The victim's wife, a prominent politician, calls in favors before calling the police. The crime scene is totally compromised. Blume's corrupt supervisor wants a quick solution, hand-picks a victim, and wants it rolled up over night. The perp, a low-end criminal with a long record of running illegal dog fights, could easily be fitted up, but Blume knows he's not guilty. Click below for more...
The victim's lover is the daughter of a notorious crime lord, and Blume must interview her. Her father takes exception, but Blume keeps on digging, offending the high and connected. A weird, self-described computer genius comes into the investigation, and Blume is convinced he's the killer. But Italian justice often moves in mysterious ways, and the commissario must not only struggle against the killer and a powerful criminal organization, but his own police force. And his own squad. Alex Blume is the perfect mostly-hero, appealing and cerebral, at times inscrutable, and always incorruptible. It's a 5.
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