SUNSET EXPRESS, by Robert Crais

6/series starring Elvis Cole. This is an early Cole (there's over a dozen now) but it's a good one. A wealthy and obnoxious restauranteur is accused of murdering his wife, found in plastic trash bags on the side of a hill. The arresting cop will be tried first: she once was accused of fabricating evidence, and now the high-profile defense attorney will accuse her of the same. Elvis, hired by the defense attorney himself, finds no evidence of the cop's guilt. He's put on TV to proclaim this, the beaming attorney at his side. Click below for more...
But all is not as it seems in either the straight-ahead Cole's world, nor in the world of Angela Rossi, the accused cop. As witnesses start changing their stories, threats  multiply and the body counts edges up, Elvis Cole - "World's Greatest Detective" - and Joe Pike (my nomination for world's greatest sidekick) find themselves out in the desert - literally - with no backup. Fabulous! It's a 5.
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